Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ten Top Excuse

(10) A friend I hadn’t seen for years turned up when I was setting off for the office. Wouldn’t it be rude to leave him/her without a company?

(9) I can’t come to office today because my father is seriously ill and he is in a hospital. I’ve got be there when he shows his testamentary.

(8) My doctor has advised to take a day’s rest; I seem to have been suffering from ergophobia. (Ergophobia = fear of work)

(7) Today I came an hour early but on finding that no one there I left.

(6) I’ve got only two underwears. My dog ate the first one and the second is stinks like hell.

(5) Today is the day when our great Maharishi Sadguru Avatar Sri Ravinder Paul Rahim Ram Gonçales Ji came on Earth from his heavenly abode and I’m going to his ashram to participate in the celebration of this great event.

(4) The electricity is out since last night and I can’t get my car/motorbike out because I’ve got an electric garage.

(3) Last night thieves broke into my grandmother’s house and now the poor lady is suffering from HIV/AIDS. She needs someone to take care of her.

(2) I’m going to visit my parents in the village because according to the professor Hans Schmidt, the probability of a terrorist attack on urban areas is significantly higher than in the rural areas between Mondays to Fridays.

(1) I’ve got a better job…

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